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   - [[Person:​markus_moeller|Markus Möller]] [[http://​|]],​ [[http://​​derlangemarkus|Twitter]],​ [[https://​​profile/​Markus_Moeller3|Xing]]   - [[Person:​markus_moeller|Markus Möller]] [[http://​|]],​ [[http://​​derlangemarkus|Twitter]],​ [[https://​​profile/​Markus_Moeller3|Xing]]
   - Jörn Sieveneck   - Jörn Sieveneck
-  - Ethem Küçük [[http://​​twitter_ek|Twitter]],​ [[http://​​xing_ek|XING]] 
   - Schorsch [[https://​|SalesKing]]   - Schorsch [[https://​|SalesKing]]
   - Jens Neulen [[https://​|SalesKing]]   - Jens Neulen [[https://​|SalesKing]]
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