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Web Monday on a Tuesday - Sponsored by NetHouse AB

Never been to a Web Monday event before? Check out the (currently only in German) FAQ to get an overview.


05.02.2008_stockholm | 04.03.2008_stockholm | 01.04.2008_stockholm

The last event brought 15 people, and the page for that is located here.


Currently, the Web Monday events in Stockholm is hosted in the offices of NetHouse AB at Drottninggatan 61.

The office is at the 3rd floor, so you'll have to call the door-bell in the street entrance, to get let in. We'll try to have someone inside the door to let people in, but if nobody's there, just press the NetHouse button.

The easiest way to get to NetHouse if you arrive by train, is to walk. It's a very simple, two-street, ten minute walk from the Central Station in Stockholm. If you arrive by Metro/Underground, your stop is called “Hötorget” and the walk down to Drottninggatan will take roughly two minutes and put you right on the spot.

We will have free WiFi, Pizza and Beer sponsored by NetHouse, so don't miss out!

Next Event

01.04.2008 - at 18:00 hrs (Yes, this is a Tuesday! There was no other way we could do this :)


18:00 - 18:30 - Networking

Arrive. Get a beer, and a pizza slice. Chat a bit.

18:30 - 19:30 - Short presentations

10 minute (not longer!) presentations on interesting subjects

  • Creating Dojo Widgets - a brief howto - Peter Svensson, NetHouse (LinkedIn profile, Blog)
  • Getting started on the mobile web - Johan Simonsson, Superlocal

19:30 - 20:30 - Feature

  • Fill in your feature - Firstname Lastname, Company

20:30 - 22:00 - Mingle

Drinking, Socializing, Spontaneous workshops, Getting to know people.


Please write your name and links to company and/or blogs here if you're going to come, so we know how much beer to ask for!!!

  1. Peter Svensson, NetHouse (, LinkedIn profile, Blog)
  2. Martin Vilcans, HiQ Stockholm (, LinkedIn profile, Blog)
  3. Jakob Ericsson, JAKERI AB
  4. Andreas Kalin

Maybe attending

Add yourself here if you'd like to come, but not sure you'll have the time.

  1. Henrik Johansson (
  2. Måns Jonasson, MarsApril (LinkedIn profile, The Company)
  3. Lukas Johansson, Datasektionen KTH


I'm not able to attend in person but will keep an eye on it…

  1. Stefan Pettersson, Datasektionen KTH (, LinkedIn profile)
  2. Johannes Edelstam, Skylight Solutions (
  3. Patrik Stenmark, Xtreme Development AB (



This was the smallest Web Monday event yet, mostly due to easter holidays and university crunch deadlines. All in all six hardy souls delved deep into the technical specifics of implementing a consumer centric mobile web application, and the basics in creating Dojo 1.1 widgets.

20080401033.jpg 20080401035.jpg 20080401036.jpg

The slides for the Dojo widgets tutorial can be found here;

Dojo 1.1 Custom Widgets - Extended Version

But we began with some general discussions on functional programming in JavaScript and the current Dojo implementation, then fanning out into the 256b Demo scene, as two people had done such things (albeit one of them missed nearly by creating a 270 bytes Asteroids clone. Not half bad though:) .

After the two presentations had run their courses we gratitiously rickrolled the audience, followed by a general education in Techno Viking basics and some good-natured bashing of the Danish language. And of course both lol- and longcatting as could be expected.



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