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Web Monday on a Tuesday - Sponsored by NetHouse AB

Never been to a Web Monday event before? Check out the (currently only in German) FAQ to get an overview.


05.02.2008_stockholm | 04.03.2008_stockholm | 01.04.2008_stockholm

The last event brought 7 people, and the page for that is located here.


Currently, the Web Monday events in Stockholm is hosted in the offices of NetHouse AB at Drottninggatan 61.

The office is at the 3rd floor, so you'll have to call the door-bell in the street entrance, to get let in. We'll try to have someone inside the door to let people in, but if nobody's there, just press the NetHouse button.

The easiest way to get to NetHouse if you arrive by train, is to walk. It's a very simple, two-street, ten minute walk from the Central Station in Stockholm. If you arrive by Metro/Underground, your stop is called “Hötorget” and the walk down to Drottninggatan will take roughly two minutes and put you right on the spot.

We will have free Pizza and Beer sponsored by NetHouse, so don't miss out!

Next Event

06.05.2008 - at 18:00 hrs (Yes, this is a Tuesday! There was no other way we could do this :)


18:00 - 18:30 - Networking

Arrive. Get a beer, and a pizza slice. Chat a bit.

18:30 - 19:30 - Short presentations

10 minute (not longer!) presentations on interesting subjects

  • Core JavaScript (prototypes, closures and the rest) - Peter Svensson, NetHouse (LinkedIn profile, Blog)
  • Google App Engine deployment (overview and example application) - Peter Svensson, NetHouse (LinkedIn profile, Blog)

19:30 - 20:30 - Feature

  • WaveMaker Ajax Studio - Mixing Java, web services and drag/drop page creation - Peter Svensson, NetHouse (LinkedIn profile, Blog)

20:30 - 22:00 - Mingle

Drinking, Socializing, Spontaneous workshops, Getting to know people.


Please write your name and links to company and/or blogs here if you're going to come, so we know how much beer to ask for!!!

  1. Peter Svensson, NetHouse (, LinkedIn profile, Blog)
  2. Johan Burell, Mondozer Mediatech AB (, Company homepage)
  3. Mats Henricson, Crisp AB, (LinkedIn profile, Blog1, Blog2)
  4. Jakob Ericsson, JAKERI AB, (LinkedIn profile, Company, Twitter)
  5. Patrik Stenmark, Xtreme Development
  6. Joakim Ekberg (LinkedIn profile)
  7. Mikael Olenfalk, Tobii Technology AB (mikael DOT olenfalk AT gmail DOT com, Company homepage)
  8. Martin Vilcans, HiQ Stockholm (, LinkedIn profile, Blog)
  9. Daniel Fagerström, (
  10. Andreas Kalin (, LinkedIn profile, Company)
  11. Naoise Gaffney (
  12. Torbjörn Kalin, Tobii Technology AB (LinkedIn profile)

Maybe attending

Add yourself here if you'd like to come, but not sure you'll have the time.

  1. Johannes Edelstam, Xtreme Development
  2. Mikael Auno, Datasektionen KTH (, LinkedIn profile)
  3. Johan Simonsson, Superlocal
  4. Thomas Schulze, Spirofrog Spirofrog Founder
  5. Kristian Dähne, Nethouse


I'm not able to attend in person but will keep an eye on it…


This Web Monday was completely relaxed with a lot of discussions and after-talk. We had a really great time! Thanks to everybody who could find the time to come over and have a beer and a slice. <img src=""> Here's my

I also did a small tour of Google Application Engine; The overview, a small code sample (A simple http proxy) and a more complex (A db.Model → json exporter).

<img src="">

Also I did a presentation following my, which connected a Dojo Grid component to a local MySQL table, with automatic import of fields and data. Very slick.

some comments form the attendees on the studio (3.1);

- Couldn't one see an editable script of all connections between services and components? (as one can see source for turbo components) - Why does it maximize everything? I'd like to resize everything separately as default. - Really good intro to creating Ajax enabled apps - Cool that it exports as WAR

<img src="">

<img src="">

Then we had a lot of gossip about the possible upcoming Google Engineering dp. in Stockholm. e pooled our experiences and general hearsay. Mobile apps were impromptu demoed and a lot of deep down lisp-python-javascript discussions concerning lambda functions, functional languages and pros and cons of dynamic languages. .. .. OK, pros of dynamic languages :)

I must say that even though only 11 people came, it was the right 11 people, easily outweighing a hundred not right people (especially after Pizza).

<img src="">

<img src="">


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