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Frederik Hermann


Frederik Hermann has a thorough background in international communications, social media, public relations, word of mouth, viral marketing, social network analysis and brand development.

He is the former head of marketing at JAJAH and current head of marketing at Talenthouse.

During his studies in Information Engineering and Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) he focused on strategies for digital brand building, online marketing, media strategies as well as word of mouth marketing in the social media/relationship economy.

The Information Engineering and Management program combines computer science, business, and law in a unique degree program that is designed to meet the current and future requirements of science and business.

Frederik wrote his master thesis about the theoretical background of viral, buzz and word of mouth marketing at the Institute of Information Systems and Management, department of Information Services and Electronic Markets at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The thesis focused on the mathematical and theoretical background and is based on two years of research in social network analysis (SNA), memetics, fuzzy logic, epidemiology, complex systems, non-linear dynamics, deterministic chaos, the theory of diffusion and the theory of chaos.

In 1998 he founded | media solutions, a network of web designers, marketing professionals and IT specialists, providing marketing, design and IT services.

He worked for vm-people in Berlin (Germany) as a project manager and in conceptual design of viral marketing campaigns.

Frederik has been with telecommunications provider JAJAH since it started in 2005 and has been leading its marketing and public relations until it was acquired by O2/Telefónica in Dec 2009 for US $207 million in an all-cash transaction.

In January he joined startup Talenthouse.

Talenthouse provides life-changing opportunities for the creative community – a place to participate in unique projects with artists and brands, gain recognition and grow your audience.

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