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 ====== Tim Bonnemann ====== ====== Tim Bonnemann ======
-Tim Bonnemann ​ist Projektmanager (PMPCSM) an der Schnittstelle von Web Content Management, Social Media und Community DevelopmentSeit Mai 2005 wohnt und arbeitet er in San Jose, CA (USA).+Tim Bonnemann ​is the founder and CEO of [[http://​|IntelliticsInc.]], a digital engagement startup based in San Jose, CA (USA). We help organizations apply technology to engage their communities in high-quality dialogue, problem solving and decision making. We develop Zilino ([[http://​]]),​ a web-based software application that enables practitioners to design and host custom dialogues.
-Nach einigen sehr positiven Erfahrungen mit ähnlichen Veranstaltungen in Silicon Valley ​hatte er Ende Oktober 2005 die Idee zum Web Montag ​in Deutschland ​(s. [[http://​​blog/?​p=168|Web Monday]] ​und [[http://​​blog/?​p=189|Web Monday follow-up]]).+Having just moved to Silicon Valley, Tim started ​Web Monday back in October 2005 to help foster the German internet startup scene (for more, see [[http://​​blog/?​p=168|Web Monday]] ​and [[http://​​blog/?​p=189|Web Monday follow-up]]).
-Aktuelles Projekt: [[http://​|Intellitics]] -- Intellitics is an early-stage startup based in San Jose, CA (USA). Our goal is to explore new and meaningful ways for online dialogue and deliberation. Our first [[http://​|product]] is a web-based software application for problem solving and decision making in large groups. An alpha version is due to be released in the Spring of 2008. 
 ===== Kontakt / Contact ===== ===== Kontakt / Contact =====
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 ===== Teilnahmen Web Montag ===== ===== Teilnahmen Web Montag =====
-  * [[koeln_14|05.05.2008 Köln]]+  * [[location:​silicon_valley:​2008-07-14|July 14, 2008]] in Palo Alto, CA   
 +  * [[location:​koeln:​2008-05-05|May 5, 2008]] ​in Cologne, Germany
   * [[location:​silicon_valley:​2008-04-21]]   * [[location:​silicon_valley:​2008-04-21]]
   * [[location:​silicon_valley:​2008-02-11]]   * [[location:​silicon_valley:​2008-02-11]]
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   * [[location:​silicon_valley:​2006-08-14]]   * [[location:​silicon_valley:​2006-08-14]]
   * [[location:​second_life:​2006-07-10]] (bei Thomas Genosse)   * [[location:​second_life:​2006-07-10]] (bei Thomas Genosse)
-  * [[koeln_5|03.07.2006 Köln]]+  * [[location:​koeln:​2006-07-03]]
   * [[location:​second_life:​2006-06-19]] (Kasteel Verloren)   * [[location:​second_life:​2006-06-19]] (Kasteel Verloren)
   * [[location:​silicon_valley:​2006-06-12]]   * [[location:​silicon_valley:​2006-06-12]]
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