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What is ShoppingPath? A new generation of product comparison, that graphically groups products according to their price and features. The main benefit of the ShoppingPath is that you can compare several products at once, group them by their features and discover products with higher features for same or lower price. ShoppingPath is a RIA (Rich Internet Application) that combines technologies such as Ajax and Flash to create a very fast experience. The only way to grasp what is a ShoppingPath, is by experiencing one (at and

We have intentions to connect/partner with European/German entrepreneurs, that might be interested in developing/marketing the ShoppingPath technology. If you also believe that the ShoppingPath can change the Shopping comparison space, please contact us.

The ShoppingPath technology is still in its infancy, in fact the tool is not 1/2 complete yet, however already provides a complete&unique shopping experience. We are improving the experience in a bi-weekly basis, soon we will have a very friendly and efficient tool.


Web Monday Silicon Valley, January 29, 2007 (Archive)


Guilherme Leal, CEO and co-Founder


Located at Bay Area, CA (Silicon Valley)


Questions etc.

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