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November 6, 2006 in Palo Alto, CA (USA)


List of previous meetings:

06/12/2006 | 08/14/2006 (notes)

Wann / When

November 6, 2006
6.30pm (doors open)
7.30pm (presentations begin)
(This is the Monday prior to Web 2.0 Conference 2006, which starts on 11/07)
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Wo / Where

Cooley Godward Kronish LLP
Palo Alto Campus, Hanover Bldg.
3175 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: 650-843-5000
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Good? Bad? Suggestions? Ideas?

  • Someone suggested not to pick the first Monday of a month since it overlaps with San Francisco Stammtisch.


Please note here what others are saying elsewhere.


Web Monday is an informal gathering (in and around Germany) aimed at bringing together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, researchers, web pioneers, inventors, bloggers, podcasters, end users and other folks interested in web 2.0 (in the broadest sense). The goal is to better connect the German web 2.0 scene as well as improve transatlantic idea exchange between Germany and the US (and – hopefully – help bring some of those good Silicon Valley vibes to Germany).

Since its inception in November 2005, Web Monday has spread fast: meetings are now being held in 10+ cities all across Germany on a regular basis (among them 7 of the nation's top 10 biggest) and have attracted several hundred repeat participants so far (see statistics). Meetings have also been held in Vienna (Austria) as well as on Second Life.

Who should attend and why?

Anyone involved in web 2.0 or neighboring fields who has an interest in German-US business (or any kind of “bridging” between the two, for that matter) is most welcome to join. Whether you are from Germany and live and work here in Silicon Valley (and want to help spread the love), or whether you are from Silicon Valley and have ties to Germany – Web Monday Silicon Valley is your chance to present your product, your service, your startup, your cool new project or your next big idea to a growing audience of German web aficionados.

Btw, we dig Europe: Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Austria… come on over! There is plenty we can learn from each other!


6.30-7.30pm - Warm-up


There's usually drinks and light snacks (we may ask for a small contribution from those who can afford it). ;-)

7.30-8.30pm - Presentations, Demos

Demos, presentations, talks…

  • Welcome round (e.g. quick poll, Web Monday 101 intro for newbies, tonight's agenda, how to handle Q&A, approximate time limits, contributions for drinks etc., invitation to take live notes etc.)
  • Introductions (e.g. 1 sentence or 3 tags)
  • Demos, presentations, talks…
  • Closing round (invitation to give feedback, blog, feel free to use the wiki, help spread the word)

Demos not held last time

  • “Building wiki applications with TWiki” - how non-programmers can build custom tailored wiki applications supporting their daily workflow. (By peter_thoeny - if he is at the event in time, and if there is time

8.30-9.30pm - Shmoozing


Teilnehmer / Participants

I'll be there for sure!

  1. Lukasz Gadowski
  2. Johannes Ziegler (
  3. Daniel Zimmermann (Cooley Godward Kronish LLP, Bio)
  4. Mathias Moschel (Cooley Godward Kronish LLP, Bio)
  5. Oliver Breme (Cooley Godward Kronish LLP, Bio)
  6. Linda Cleary (Cooley Godward Kronish LLP, LinkedIn)
  7. Benay Dara-Abrams
  8. James Littlejohn (
  9. Axel Roselius (
  10. Max Maendler (Regis24 GmbH, Berlin
  11. Martin Specht (Regis24 GmbH, Berlin
  12. HP Baumeister
  13. Lynne Jolitz (
  14. Oliver Hanisch (
  15. Oliver Kay, (LAST CALL MEDIA, Inc.
  16. Susanne Bohl (Real Estate Consulting & Relocation Services,
  17. Achim Hoelzle (FeldbergPacific Law Group)
  18. Marco Schmoecker (
  19. Claudia Mallin (
  20. Sanford Redlich (Attune Interactive)
  21. Ute Schulz (Attune Interactive)
  22. Christin Koitschka
  23. Christian Follmann (
  24. Michael Ludwig (
  25. Erich Nachbar (
  26. Claus Habermeier (
  27. Alexander Schlee (
  28. Philipp Kunze (
  29. Dirk Schneider (
  30. William Lawrence (
  31. Michael Klemm (
  32. Martin Stuermer (Grant Thornton LLP)

Vielleicht / Maybe

I'd really like to go but I'm not sure yet if I can make it.

Zuschauer / Audience

I can't come but will follow the evening via the web (as much as that is possible).

To Do

Things to take care of beforehand.

This may or may not include the following:

  • Name tags
  • Wi-fi
  • Audio recording (podcast)
  • Video (optional)
  • Projector
  • Snacks/Pizza - I'll bring some snacks again (Benay Dara-Abrams)
  • Refreshments (beer, water, softdrinks etc.)

For both the June 12 and the August 14 event, some good people donated the food and drinks. There is now USD 3444 in the bank. Whee! (Tim)

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